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    The Fast-Track Solution To Ensuring Your Wardrobe Actually Becomes Sustainable

    作者:Suzy Menkes 編輯:yijie.zhang 時間:2019年6月26日
    內容來源:VOGUE時尚網  圖片來源:VOGUE國際網站:英國


    Swedish fashion brand Lindex is making a smart, sustainable and stylish wardrobe actually possible and Vogue readers can claim 30 per cent off with the code lindexvogue2019.


    The way we shop is changing. As we become more conscious of how our lifestyles are impacting the environment, nothing feels more out of style than impulse purchases, wear-once items or throwaway fashion. Enter Lindex’s Smart Wardrobe: a concept designed to provide a helping hand in the journey to a more sustainable future.

    Even though we all know we should be adopting a more ethical approach, a lack of time can get in the way. That’s why Lindex’s three-step plan makes sense. Find your style, find your colours and add your special favourites. These three steps come together with Lindex’s long-standing pledge towards sustainable, quality and good value fashion to create a formula that removes what is not needed and streamlines the staples.

    “Many people only use a small part of their wardrobe, which is not sustainable,” explains Pia Ekholm, design and buying manger, who works out of the brand’s Gothenburg headquarters. "As a major player in the fashion industry, we want to take responsibility and do what we can to have a positive impact. We want everyone to have a wardrobe with clothes that they really love, take good care of and use often.”

    Lindex has discovered that 22 per cent of its total carbon footprint lies in the customer usage stage. It is this statistic that inspired them to create collections that are worn loved, revisited and taken care of.

    The Smart Wardrobe concept is about refining your clothing collection, all while finding your personal style. This isn’t just about choosing pieces that fill that classic “capsule wardrobe” quota (think black capri pants, a great cashmere sweater, the perfect collared shirt), but also about creating an edit that works for you. Take stock of the pieces that you wear most often and build on those. Never wear a certain colour? It’s unlikely you’ll start now, so stick to those that you always return turn to.







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